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Early Enrolment Opportunities

  1. As a reward for enrolling early and helping with recruitment, on enrolment, you will be allocated your 100 UBUs per day from the date of enrolment. You will also have the option to convert all the pre-enrolment daily issuance into UBXs at a rate of 1,000 to 1.
  2. You can also earn UBXs for referring your friends by building your UBU community.
  3. All accrued UBUs will be calculated from the date of enrolment and allocated to you on UBU launch date (Estimated April 2018).
  4. Only a natural person may enrol and no duplications of people will be allowed.


All UBU Citizens are compensated for direct recruits as a reward for contributing to the continuous organic growth of the UBU community.

A once off referral fee, paid in UBXs, for every UBU Citizen recruited with your Citizen’s referral number (Mobile Number). The first payment will be paid out prior to the commercial release in April 2018.

Compensation for Citizen Recruitment (akin to mining in other cryptos)
Halving Dates 1 August 2017 1 December 2017 1 April 2018 1 December 2018
UBXs that you will earn per Citizen directly referred by you
Referral Commission per Referral 4 2 1 0,5
Value of UBUx on Exchange at time of listing is estimated to be between 4 USD’s and 10 USD’s

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Where can I find more info on Project UBU?

Please refer to the website

What is an UBU?

UBU stands for Universal Basic Unit and is a currency that will be issued free to all Citizens which can then be exchanged for goods and services

What is an UBX?

An UBX is an investment instrument built on top of the UBU. It is designed to reward the people that help to build the UBU system and to enable the deployment of resources to build the UBU system – in much the same way that “miners” of cryptocurrencies help to build the cryptocurrency by authenticating transactions. UBXs are only issued to UBUCore and in terms of the compensation plan to UBU Nodes and Citizens as rewards for building the system.

How many UBUs do I, as a Citizen, get per day?

All UBU Citizens receive 100 UBUs per day.

Can I give them to someone else? i.e. Transfer them?

Once UBU is launched and wallets are downloaded you can transfer the UBUs to anyone else with a wallet.

How can I refer people?

Use this URL to refer people. When you sign up you will receive an email with your referral link. You can send that on to anyone you who want to refer, any friends, family and communities. Using your personal link will populate the referrer Number with your Mobile Number

How much do I earn if I refer people and do I get paid in UBUs?

See UBU referral scheme. You will earn 1 x UBX per person referred with your mobile telephone number. This token is like owning a share in the success of the UBU system. The value of the UBX will vary according to the market perception of the future value of the UBU. It is estimated that an UBX will be worth R100 or $8 by March 2018. See UBU Invest for more details on how this is derived.

Will I be able to convert my UBX to a fiat currency (Rands and Cents)?

Yes, once it is listed on a cryptocurrency exchange you can sell for whatever the market price is.

How do I know if any of my referrals have signed up?

We will mail you an update of your progress prior to launch.

What is the point of enrolling early?

You will be allocated your 100 UBU’s per day from date of enrolment. You can also participate in the UBU
compensation plan for referrals and become an UBU Node. All accrued UBUs will be allocated to you on the UBU launch date.

When do I receive my UBUs and how do I spend them?

Upon the launch of UBU you will be able to download your UBU wallet from which you can send, receive or
spend UBUs.

Can I elect the option to convert the UBUs to UBXs?

You will also have the option to convert all the pre-enrolment daily issuance into UBXs at a rate of 1,000 to 1.

When does the UBU Project Launch?

We aim to launch UBU in the 1st Quarter of 2018.

What is the UBU worth?

Initially we think an UBU ought to be worth 0.38 US cents because of its marketing value. Over time that
value will increase as the UBU is used for trading in goods and services. We think it ought to be worth at
least 2 US cents because x 100 equates to the level of the global poverty index. For further
explanations on the economics of UBU and its value, please consult

Will the UBU be listed on a Crypto Currency Exchange?

In time once a market value is established it will be listed.

How will capital be raised?

See UBU Invest

How do the UBU founders, Investors and Vendors benefit from UBU?

Everyone involved with UBU, the UBU Citizens, UBU Vendors, UBU Investors and UBU Staff depend on
the UBU
attaining a value that increases over time. Dividends, salaries and sales are paid in UBUs and
wallets are subject to the same dissipation formulas as every account holder.

Do my pre-enrolment UBUs dissipate?

No, the dissipation process will only start upon the official launch date once you have down
loaded your
wallet and UBU have allocated your UBUs to you.

Will UBUs get to BitCoin type valuations?

No, that is unlikely because the UBU is designed to be used as a unit of exchange for goods and services and
not as a speculative instrument. We aim to get the value of an UBU to the equivalent of 2US cents and
eventually to R1.00 (8 to 10 US Cents) in line with the South African Minimum wage. An UBX is the investment
token and more like a BitCoin. See the UBUcore strategy
for the UBU.

When is the official launch?

The official launch is planned for the 1st Quarter on 2018 but beta versions will roll out in the
Quarter of 2017.

How do I earn, collect or “mine” UBUs?

All UBU citizens will receive 100 UBUs per day however additional UBUs can be earned by signing
up UBU
citizens and by verification of information. See UBU Compensation scheme.

What is an UBU Node?

n UBU Node is rewarded on the entire community of UBU Citizens and their referrals with UBXs.
Please See /NODE.

Do companies, vendors and other legal entities earn the daily allocation of 100 UBUs per day?

No, only UBU citizens (i.e. real persons) are allocated the daily UBUs.

Is there a way I can get a vested stake into UBU?

You can purchase UBX.
See invest in UBU.