Investors Capsule

UBU. issues 100 UBUs., which are tokens of exchange, at not cost whatsoever to registered citizens. To counteract inflation and encourage velocity, we have a unique decay mechanism. 1% of the sum of UBUs. in a citizen’s wallet decays each day, encouraging a “use it or lose it” response.

Citizens gain by exchanging UBUs. for things they want. Vendors gain by attracting new customers and engendering loyalty, rotating stock faster, promoting new lines. Vendors can also use earned UBUs. for other goods and services – or trade them for our cryptotoken, the UBX.

Investors own a share of the network by buying UBXs. The investment is a unique opportunity that triggers value through self-sustaining economic growth and greater economic resilience. The value of UBU. platform = network of vendors & economically active citizens, transacting on a daily basis, fuelled by UBU.

Value Triangle

The UBU. value triangle

The method of acquiring UBUs. in return for offering value that is fungible with fiat (represented by $) is exchange via the various UBU. web application. The method whereby UBUs. are used to acquire UBX. is via the auction. The method whereby holders of UBX. can, if desired, exchange them for fiat value is via 3rd party exchanges.

Acquiring UBX.

The UBX. will list on 02 April 2019 on the DoshEx exchange paired with Bitcoin. Investors will need to register an account with DoshEx at https://exchange.doshex.com/en

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To enquire about investment opportunities please email:

See the UBU. white paper here.